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Players, we are now ready to move to DreamWidth! Please proceed to this entry here for instructions!

Please continue posting in the new comms once you set up your new accounts!

Thank you!]

❁ 005 || Action || OTA ❁

[Having no contact with her parents -even going so far as to have Don disable the tracking device in her suit- left Violet with limited means, especially in the funds department. However, she had been successfully frugal with her bank account in her semester or so at the Academy. Thank goodness for that, really. In the haste to evacuate the school, she had torn her only jacket; the darn thing decided to attach itself to a hinge on the tram and refused to let go until it was too late.

Now, after failing several times to do a successful patch-job and arguing with herself whether or not to spend her money on a new one, Violet has found herself in one of Traverse Town's clothing boutiques to look for a replacement.

She pulls a rather bright and gaudy piece out of the rack.]

Yeah... I don't think so.

[If any other Academy-goers are out and about on the town and see her, feel free to stop and say hi. Poor Violet would actually appreciate some company and some advice from anyone with fashion know-how.]


003 || action || ota

[Now that some of the initial stress over the unexpected evacuation has settled, Esmeralda decides this is her opportunity to explore Traverse Town. She’s only been here once before, and there had been no chance of exploring then – preparing for the Festival (and the Festival itself) demanded all of her attention. She certainly has the time now, however. As far as she knows, there isn’t a specific reason why she shouldn’t, and she hasn’t had to promise to remain indoors, so she can see what lies outside – and perhaps the surrounding area – guilt-free, right?

If anyone is in or near the hotel lobby, they’ll notice a blue-cloaked figure darting silently and quickly toward the doors. She pauses to glance over her shoulder once, then reaches for the handle…]


[Kronk has adjusted to the sudden crises with as much aplomb as he can muster for the middle of the night; his ever-present backpack is hoisted over his shoulder, and he's still in his nightshirt, slippers and sleeping cap as he tries to keep any stragglers entering the hotel from messing it up too much.]

HEY! Put down that firehose! Don't knock on that door! Hey, flowers aren't for eating, buddy!

[They're all much harder to wrangle than the little kids he's used to! Help would be appreciated.]


[Demyx is sitting in the Traverse Hotel lobby with his belongings and looking miserable. Genuinely miserable. He stopped by the Old Man's place on the way to the hotel, the guy who took him in when Demyx came out of the Mist.

He's gone. Likely dead, according to a passerby]


[There's an extremely anxious-looking Rapunzel heading out toward the quad. She doesn't have many of her belongings with her; just a box with her art supplies and a small bag filled with some clothes and her communicator. Pascal is perched on her shoulder, looking all around them just like Rapunzel is and with an equal amount of anxiety.]

Everything... Everything's going to be just fine, Pascal. Nothing to worry about... The headmaster wouldn't want us to get hurt or anything...

[She's saying this less for Pascal's benefit and more for her own. It always helps her to hear things said out loud. Somehow it's easier to believe that way.]


[Mickey's voice comes over the intercoms and the personal comms; usually, sirens mean standing outside in the cold until the mouse is amused, but this time, his voice seems awfully cryptic.]

Attention Academy!

Please gather your necessities and gather in the quad.

You have ten minutes!

Staff, please make sure all students are present, then proceed to the tram.

Thank you, that is all!

[Private filter to staff:]

Hiya, staff! You'll be goin' to be in Traverse Town for a while. Please take the students to the Traverse Hotel; there are two to four students to a room, at least two staff members on every floor.

Classes will be cancelled until I give the word to return. Just make sure to keep everybody safe! Take roll every mornin' to make sure we don't lose anyone to the town. You all are free to do what you want, even visit Toon Town or the Court of Holidays. Stay on the islands, but stay out of the Ave Maria Forest. I repeat, stay on the islands, but out of the Ave Maria Forest.

The Buddy System is also in play, though curfew shouldn't be necessary unless keepin' role becomes a problem.

Good luck!

[That's right, Academy, we're evacuating to Traverse Town for the time being. The Academy is paying for food inside the hotel restaurant, so don't worry about going hungry. Students and staff are free to explore the Mickey-approved areas, go shopping, explore, bond, and throw around conspiracy theories.

Mickey doesn't seem to be evacuating with you all. Is it a drill and he's just getting his kicks, or is it something actually serious? He's not saying.

OOC: If you have any questions, give me a ping! Characters can react to evacuating in their own posts; you're all more than welcome to go ahead and write as if your characters are already in Traverse Town.

Have fun!]

♕ 008 || Action || OTA

[Usually, the waning of winter and the rains of spring were a joyous sign of sunshine soon to come. Yet, this particular spring day was a slap to the face, a bitter reminder of where her feminine wiles have failed her once again.

Alone on Valentines... what a drag! For her, it's the real McCoy of pathetic failures in the realm of sociable relationships. And how.

Lottie never had this issue in New Orleans. Young men used to line up down the block in hopes she would choose one of them to be her valentine. Here? No such luck. Heck, she'd be lucky to even get a paper heart from one of her students.

Needless to say, it's depressing for the arm candy blonde, and it's really brought her down her usually high spirits.

Should anyone wish to cheer her up, she can be found sulking pouting silently contemplating this horrid dilemma in one of the dance studio's windows.]

It's jus' not fair!

[...Well, almost silently.]

3rd Nunchaku [Accidental Video // OTA]

[This video is short. Mike's checking his communicator, and it's very obvious that he's outside. Someone is out by himself.

But it's his job. He can't just ask for help. This is his job, and he's gotta do it.

It ends as Mike puts the communicator away and keeps on patrol.

009 Charms [Backdated to 1/22]

[Aqua's decision to head out into the Mist was one she thought out, at least to the best of her abilities. She had an idea of what to expect out there. She had seen the damage the Mist could do, remembers it vividly and what happened when it engulfed her being and threw her to a wasteland of an island. There was a small part of her that feared she would be thrown back there, but she screwed her courage to the sticking place and ventured out.

Now, what felt like hours later, she was coming back.

Aqua's heart was racing, deafening in her own ears as she ran away from the quad and straight back into the Dorms. She threw open the door only to quickly close it later. To anyone else it would look like a stranger had entered, dressed in armor that covered them from head to toe, but it was Aqua. She leaned against the door, trying to catch her breath. Her hands moved up to unclasp her helmet, taking it off to reveal who she was.

Her adrenaline is running, coursing through her veins and dulling the pain from hitting the ground under "Terra's" attack. After calming down she'll start to feel her back sore and right side to be painful, extremely painful.

Aqua will wait for a few more seconds to calm her heart before hauling herself back to her room to examine her injuries.]

[ooc: Backdated to right after the Ripper attack.]