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[The feed starts with Clopin (actually missing his mask for the first time) sitting perched on the back of the Joe West couch, grinning like a satisfied cat and... who's that in the background?] Good morning, Academy! Or afternoon, evening, or night. It's quite hard to tell in this weather.

[Surprise! It's everyone's favorite dance teacher, upside down and swinging in a trap, blushing (or maybe that's just the blood running to her head) madly and frantically trying to hold of the skirt of her dress.] Turn that thing off right now and get me down...! [They can see her knees. Her knees!]

[Clopin's smile turns into a grin as he makes a flourishing gesture to Lottie.] This, mes étudiants, is what happens when one of you are slow to come to Joe West or, heaven forbid, think it's a good idea to try to leave the building while we have the Mist. Don't bother trying the windows, either; I trapped those too.

[Her jaw just about drops, but her lips instead form into a pout.] Excuse me, Mistah, but I happened t'jus' be checkin' up on Aqua! I was headin' back t'Hoovah Hall, thank you very much!

[He looks back at her, eyes practically sparkling with humor.] Well, you're still an excellent example, mademoiselle. Well done. [He gives her a round of applause, barely containing his laughter.] Everyone should thank Ms. Lottie when they see her. [...He's having way too much fun with this. Who said protecting people can't be funny?]

[She scoffs and goes to place her hands on her hips... only to figure out her skirt won't stay up that way. Cue her scrambling to hold it back again.] Big Daddy's goin' t'hear 'bout this!

[He chuckles to himself, humming cheerfully as he goes to the rope around her ankle and starts to untie it.] At least your teacher cares enough to keep you inside. Brace yourself, ma étudiante.

((OOC: Pink text is Lottie's, regular is Clopin's.))


Jan. 21st, 2012 01:17 am (UTC)
[What the...what? Why is Mlle. La Bouff hanging upside down, and why is this on the network? That poor girl. Esmeralda glares into her communicator as she marches down the hall. CLOPIN, YOU HAVE SOME 'SPLAINING TO DO.]

Bon Dieu, was that really necessary?
Jan. 21st, 2012 01:21 am (UTC)
[Dude Esme he's a trained fool. The concept of humiliation does not cross his mind.

He tosses a big gap-toothed grin over his shoulder as he works on Lottie's knot.]
Of course it was! Don't want the students to go running off, now do we?

[Also, he's a bit of a dick.]
Jan. 21st, 2012 01:27 am (UTC)
[in person]
[She arrives in a flurry of righteous indignation, hands on her hips.]

Did you ask her if she was running off?

[And, taking a deep breath, she looks over at Lottie, both apologetically and sympathetically.]

Mlle. La Bouff? Are you all right?
Jan. 21st, 2012 01:28 am (UTC)
Jus' get me down!

[Oooh, Lottie's madder than a wet hen. She hates this Misty business, but she's been around a long while; she has an idea of when it's okay to push the boundaries a bit. To be strung up like a pinata? Not on her to-do list.]
Jan. 21st, 2012 01:32 am (UTC)
It's automatic, ma petite. Ropes don't ask questions before trapping.

[He looks down at Lottie, still finding this situation hilarious but having the grace to reach out his hand.] My apologies for the mistake, mademoiselle. Take my hand and I'll keep you from falling. [The hand not offered to her is poised on the rope, ready to make the last pull needed to undo it entirely.]
Jan. 21st, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
[Esme nods, rushing forward. She places one hand gently on Lottie's arm.]

I am so sorry.

[She reaches out supportively, just to make sure Lottie doesn't get hurt when she's finally released. She turns her face toward Clopin, still glaring.]

So you set traps to punish people without even knowing if they're guilty? And then you posted the results on the network without even hearing their side of the story? [That is not the democratic way!]
Jan. 21st, 2012 02:17 am (UTC)
[Lottie's not entirely sure she wants to take Clopin's hand after everything that's happened.]

Jus' release th'darn thing!

[She spares a small smile of thanks for Esmeralda, though she's currently just itching to get down and to bitch and moan deal with the humiliation in the privacy of her own dorm.

This is far worse than the frog fiasco!]
Jan. 21st, 2012 02:25 am (UTC)
I did exactly that, ma cherie. Really, you don't need to reiterate it for me. Better that everyone knows not to leave before they get hurt, hmm?

[Hey, hey, Esme, he's a king. When did anyone say the gypsies were a democracy?

Besides, in his pragmatic, calculating mind, the embarrassment of one potentially innocent person is more than worth the overall safety of everyone. Little makes people behave more than the threat of public humiliation.

He looks down at Lottie, amusement still dancing in his eyes.]
Suit yourself.

[And he undoes the last of the rope.]
Jan. 21st, 2012 02:46 am (UTC)
[Esme has a firm, supportive hold on Lottie as the last of the rope is undone. She quickly glances her over - nothing appears to be hurt or broken, thankfully, though it's perfectly understandable that Lottie would be upset. She doesn't know her very well outside of the dance class, but she's sure Lottie hadn't done anything to deserve this.

She's still frowning at you, Clopin. See, this is why traps are bad: they're indiscriminate!]

She doesn't live in this building. Of course she would have to leave it.

[Of course the gypsies are monarchists, but the two of them had been rhapsodizing on the virtues of democracy quite a bit recently. Besides, they know all about public humiliation. That's not something she would ever want to spread around.

She smiles gently at Lottie. Please don't be mad, Lottie. Though you have every right to be!]

Is there something I can bring you?
Jan. 30th, 2012 07:01 pm (UTC)
[Thank you for being the only one in this room with a right good head on your shoulders, Esme. Lottie would have fallen quite inelegantly and would have squeaked much louder than she did if not for her assistance.

And she's not mad at you, Esmeralda; but it's clear she's quite livid at Clopin as she looks over to him.]

N-no, I'm fine sugah, jus' as long as I'm not gettin' th'wool pulled ovah my eyes with thinkin' he's a nice ol' bird and then findin' out he's nothin' but a mean palooka again!

[Aw, Clopin. You just done lost a friend. Don't worry, give her a week and an apology and she'll be back to normal.]
Jan. 30th, 2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
[Esmeralda had been looking at Lottie attentively and worriedly, but once she started speaking, Esme could feel her lips twitch with amusement. Lottie, your distress is not funny, not at all, but your vocabulary is fantastic. She focuses valiantly on keeping her expression concerned for Lottie's sake, but she's fighting a losing battle. Mean palooka! She's never heard that one before, but she's definitely filing it away for future use.]

Oh, no. He really is a nice bird [mental image of Clopin with feathers - must not, must not laugh - she turns a discreet little grin (she's sure he'll have no problem deciphering it) in his direction instead, before looking back at Lottie], and he does mean well. We're usually more hospitable than this [well, she is]!
Jan. 31st, 2012 02:22 am (UTC)
[...Mean palooka?

Give Clopin a minute to keep himself from bursting out laughing.

Nice old bird? Really? Clopin returns Esmeralda's little grin, discreetly putting his hands with one thumb over the other and making a little flapping motion. Look, Esme, his hands're a bird!]

Oui, oui, I do mean well. Or at least in la Esmeralda's eyes, kind and forgiving soul she is. Most people just consider me a scoundrel.

[Clopin folds his hands away and flashes Lottie a charming grin before jerking his head toward the couch. Clopin isn't very good at apologies, but Lottie can expect surprise pink flowers and maybe a little stuffed animal in her room in a few days. He's really hard to stay mad at.]

But now you know to not wander out alone, hmm? You should go check on your friend, then make yourself comfortable. [You're not going back to Hoover without a buddy or two, Lottie. :| ] I was about to start a fire anyway. [And maybe hot chocolate. You guys can have some.]
Feb. 3rd, 2012 11:01 pm (UTC)
[Bird - general term for a man or woman, sometimes meaning "odd," i.e. "What a funny old bird." .

Palooka (1) a below-average or average boxer (2) a social outsider, originated from the comic strip character Joe Palooka.

Translation of Jazz Era slang to English.]

You can't sacrifice hospitality jus' 'cause th'Mist's 'round. [Don't talk to her about hospitality; she's southern.]

I've been in this same ol' Mist in this same ol' school much much longah than eithah of you have, put togethah! I know what I'm doin'!


Feb. 4th, 2012 01:30 am (UTC)
[Esme bites down on her lips to keep from laughing at Clopin's bird hand motions - stop, stop, you're going to make her lose her composure and burst out laughing and that would ruin everything! She does smirk at his admittance - well, yes, you're that too, but she loves you anyway.

She listens to Lottie's reproof (she's right, she has been here much longer), but she also recognizes an attempt to bridge the gap in Clopin's words and gestures, so she tries to reconcile the two.]

We probably should have asked you for ideas - you've managed to avoid the Mist longer than most of us here. Although I'm sure no idea we would have come up with would be as creative as yours, mon cher.

[Clopin, your plan was terrible, but you tried to rectify the situation and make Lottie feel better, and Esme appreciates that. Besides, she knows you really did have the best intentions. So you get a wry but warm smile from a certain green-eyed girl.

Oh, and Lottie? It's completely true: it's impossible to stay mad at him.]