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Walt Disney Academy

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Reserves and applications are closed for moving. Sorry for any inconvenience!

   The World of Disney is a place of prosperity and peace. It is a place of order, in which both hero and villain, play out fairy tale journeys laid out carefully by Destiny herself...

   That is, until the path begins to blur. A dark mist has fallen over the world, ghosting away both people and places like a thief. Where it comes from, no one knows. Where it appears, it leaves only chaos. It's reach is far, wide and terrifying. It waits there, at the End of the World, disrupting every attempt to understand it... and destroying all attempts to combat it.

   Neither hero nor villain is exempt from this phenomenon, not even you.

   Billions have been at the mercy of the strange fog-like substance, and thousands upon thousands have disappeared in its wake. Strangelings, formless beings, haunt and roam throughout the Mist, kidnapping those they entice, provoking unnatural terror in the hearts they touch.

   Even the famed Walt Disney Academy is no longer safe from the threats. Once hailed as prestigious, as the world’s only hope for finding a solution to the Mist’s tyranny, it had been engulfed by the very entity it seeks to destroy.

   Students and staff begin to wake up across the campus, the Mist lingering off the shores of the floating island. How long the Mist had possessed their previous sanctuary is uncertain. In fact, there are only three things that are certain: one, that some of the survivors already enrolled have had their memories compromised, partially or completely; two, many of the previous residents are missing; and three, that new faces are appearing out of the darkness, carried in from around the globe and left behind by the Mist.

   But as long as there are people to attend the school, there’s still a chance to fulfill the school’s purpose: to find a way to stop the Strangelings and the Mist. Seeing that hope has yet to be vanquished, Mickey once again begins mailing out invitations around the world, to bring in more students and staff to help those already living behind the Academy gates.

   Unbeknownst to all, however, a new enemy looms on the horizon, threatening to end the Academy’s relatively peaceful and productive life as we know it. It’s up to you to survive in the changing world, and to overcome the obstacles that will test you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Only banded together can the residents of Walt Disney Academy find a solution to this seemingly impossible problem.

Or fall victim trying.

Hey we have an Aim chat! Pop on in! We don’t bite, promise!